Zivieri Tartufi

Zivieri truffles comes from the passion of the Zivieri’s family for this mysterious fruit of the earth, passed down from father to son. Today, it is Fabrizio who, with twenty years’ experience in trading truffles, runs the company from the heart of Modena.
We obtain our truffles directly from our quarrymen in the Emilia Romagna region.
The soil and climate of our Apennine guarantees a continuous supply of all the different species of truffles.

The truffles are then selected in our laboratory and prepared for shipment.
We ship truffles daily throughout Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.
 Delivery is guaranteed within 24/48 hours.

The Truffle

The truffle is an underground fungus, belonging to the Ascomycetes family. It forms, grows and matures under the ground for most of the year and, according to the seasons and varying climatic conditions, the nature offers many species of truffle including white truffle, winter truffle, bianchetto, summer truffle and brumale truffle.

Where it grows

It grows in association with several species of tree, such as lime, poplar, willow, hazel, oak, hornbeam and conifer. It establishes a relationship with the roots of mutualistic symbiosis: the vegetative part of the truffle (mycelium) penetrates the roots of the plant taking part to the organic substances synthesized for nourishment. The tree, in turn, benefits greatly from taking from the mycelium, water and minerals essential for its growth.

Its features

The colors and perfumes as well as the shape and size of truffles are very different, depending on the species, climatic conditions and the terrain. For example, if the soil is soft and airy, the truffle will be smooth, and rounded; if the ground is drier and compact, the outer surface will be more gnarled and bumpy because of the difficulty to find space.

The typical penetrating and persistent scent emanates only on maturation in order to attract wild animals like wild boars, badgers, small rodents, but also insects and snails. In this way  the spores could be spread in order to perpetuate the species.