It is considered the truffle par excellence. It is the most valuable, sought after and expensive of all types of edible truffles known – and it is appreciated worldwide.

Disponibilità sul mercato: September / January.

Physical Characteristics: The outside is almost totally smooth and with a yellow ocher colour, sometimes with brown areas; the interior varies depending on the state of maturity reached, from white to yellow ocher or brown in more mature specimens. The veins are very thin, finely branching to give a marbled effect.

Profumo: Poignant, very aromatic, unmistakable.

Methods of use and conservation: considering the high digestibility it is normally consumed raw, finely sliced on various warm foods such as pasta or meat or eggs. The retention period should be short; you may want to wrap each truffle in common paper bread and place it in a closed jar in the least cold part of the fridge. The paper should be changed daily. This method allows a storage of about five days.