Also known as winter Scorzone, is named uncinatum (lat) for the membranous ridges of hook shaped spores. It differs from its brother Tuber Aestivum, both for the period of maturation, as well as for its physical and organoleptic characteristics.

Avaiability on the market: September / January

Physical Characteristics: it presents as rough and warty, but the warts are smaller than those present in the Aestivum. The inside is darker, almost chocolate brown when fully ripe; the veins are white, but compared to the summer variety, they are larger and more spaced apart.

Bouquet: Compared to the Estivo, the smell of the Uncinato truffle is more pronounced and intense, perhaps because of the high humidity in which land is located, which preserves the smell of the forest and vegetation where it grows.

Method of use and conservation: the tasty aroma makes it a kind that lends itself to a wide variety of uses, both raw and cooked. It is ideal for omelets, pasta, risotto, salad and toast. For storage it is recommended to deposit it in a tin tightly sealed in the least cold part of the refrigerator, for up to ten days, after which it must be frozen.